How to establish your couple style and feel for your day

One of the first things to think about when you begin your wedding planning journey is to create a bespoke day that is unique to you.  You’ll need to get personal.  By that, I mean your wedding day is a reflection on you as a couple. It’s about creating a day that is all about YOU, and this is woven throughout the wedding details. Its everything that means anything to you both.

Where do we begin with all this I can hear you say? To start with, get a notepad and pen and start to jot some of the following down.  It’s time to get in touch with yourself a bit more.


Time to get personal

Essentially have a think about a time in your life when you felt really, really happy, even so far back as when you were a child, or when you first met perhaps. This time, go back to that place and really feel those feelings. Be aware of those feelings that you had from the sounds, smells, site etc. Sit with your memories and write it all down.

Have a think about all of the things that you love and that are part of what makes you as a couple. This could be anything from your favourite film, books, music, places you have been on holiday, tv shows you like, food, favourite drinks, architecture etc. Pick out the best memories you have shared as a couple, whether this is some joke you shared, or a dining experience, something you bought together and memorable experience. Write it all down no matter how small it may seem. All of this will make your wedding day much more fun and special.

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Next have a think about your home interior. What is this like? Have you got particular colour schemes throughout your home. Is there a particular style of furniture that you prefer? Sleek, modern, urban, industrial, rustic, vintage, bold, colourful etc. Write all of those words down that describe your home. You’ll be able to use these later within your stationary, venue design and floral design etc.

How do you want your wedding to feel? Rustic, elegant, casual, more formal, fun, intimate, celebratory etc. Digging out that ambience will help with the finer planning elements.

Have a think about your dream wedding; you’re at the ceremony, where are you, inside, outside, church, registry office etc. What are you wearing, how do you feel in what it is that you are wearing? What do you hear? Have you written your own vows? Next you’re walking back down the aisle, who is there, what do you see, are there flowers, foliage; exactly what are these like?  What’s the ambience like at the ceremony?

You move onto the reception; how does that feel, what is vivid and really sticks out for you? What style of food are you having, what does that sight and smell look like? How do you envisage your guests are feeling, what do they see? Really feel that moment.

By taking all of these elements above, it will help your day to feel more like you. It will reflect your tastes, your personality and lifestyle and everyone will know that the day is yours. You’ll put your stamp on the wedding.  The way that you choose to inject your own story and personalities into your day will really make your wedding feel a one-off. The more you show off you as individuals and as a couple, the more your day will be remembered for all those special reasons.

You do not have to follow trends for the sake of it, make your own trends. Not a fan of something, then why have it? Why waste your time on something you are not too keen on?  Finding your style as a couple will help guide you throughout the planning process and every decision that is made after will revolve around that.

There are so many decisions that need to be made for your wedding. Why not give me a call and we can delve into that vision, draw out your style and make your wedding a reality!

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